Workplace Civility

The current turnover rate in the Supervisor of Elections office is not conducive to maintaining election integrity. A new hire is an investment, and a high turnover rate means higher costs, but not just financially. The retained staff must train each person in the revolving door of new employees. This is in addition to their regular job responsibilities. This type of workload can cause burnout. Overworked employees cannot perform to their highest potential and, in the worst cases, can make costly mistakes and errors.

As Supervisor of Elections, I will foster workplace civility and increase employee retention by instilling a positive culture of shared goals and values within the office. This culture will not only benefit the staff but also extend to election workers and citizens who interact with the office.  All election and office members deserve to feel valued and secure in their workplace. Every member of the team deserves to feel valued and secure in their workplace. I will encourage open and honest communication, providing employees with the confidence and motivation to perform at their best. Join me in building a better future for the Supervisor of Elections office and our community.

Workplace Civility Concept

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