Resignation Letters

Resignation Letters

Roger Dixon Resignations

Letter 1

December 16, 2022

Maureen Baird
Citrus County Supervisor of Elections

It is with much thought and consideration that I am submitting my notice and letter of resignation. This short duration of employment was certainly not my intention or plan when I began with the Supervisor of Elections office. There are three major factors driving my decision that are outlined below.

First, the poor leadership, lack of team building/communication, ill-logical planning, and organizational direction from your office creates significant frustration for the entire workforce. It is the general perception that all decisions are made based on emotion, not logic, or the organizations goals and objectives. When assigning tasks or projects, no consideration is given to current assignments or responsibilities and unrealistic, random, deadlines are set. Also, your inability to clearly communicate the requirements of the assignment up front, causes major frustration when things have to be done repeatedly because of your lack of direction, communication, and indecision.

Second, the manner in which you treat the staff has created a toxic work environment consisting of low employee morale, constant negativity towards your leadership and employee resignations. No employee deserves to be in a work environment where they dread going to work everyday, cringe when the boss is calling, or witness their co-workers leave the office in tears. In addition, your discussions about other employees with their peers is very unprofessional. These conditions are only tolerated because the county lacks other comparable employment opportunities which makes leaving difficult. With my resignation, you have lost approximately 33% of your workforce in a couple of months. The current mature, trained employee base is the reason for your success. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call and you will make some positive changes to improve the work environment.

Finally, the lack of my involvement in the day to day operations and your unwillingness to deepen my responsibilities or move me to other positions for which I have applied leaves me unchallenged and bored. As you are aware, my current job responsibilities leave significant, available time daily (4-6 hours) which could be utilized to implement new projects or assist other personnel. My coworkers have requested my assistance on several occasions but for whatever reason, it is normally not allowed. Also, I applied for two job opportunities that I am qualified for, Administrative Services Director and Election Support Specialist, only to be denied these opportunities. Your actions and inadequate reasons provided for denying these opportunities lead me to the conclusion that I am not a valued member of the organization.

My hope is that you will take the above constructively and use it to improve your leadership skills and employee relationships. If it will help you going forward, I would be happy to discuss the above with you in further detail. My last day will be January 6, 2023.

I want to thank you for the opportunity.

Roger A. Dixson

Letter 2

September 5, 2023

Maureen Baird
Citrus County Supervisor Of Elections

Subject; Letter of Resignation

Please accept this letter as my formal notice and resignation. To give you ample time to interview and hire a replacement, my last day will be October 6, 2023.

I have decided to resign for a couple of reasons. First, very little has changed regarding the items highlighted in my resignation letter submitted in December, 2022. After our discussion I agreed to stay, hoping that some significant changes would be implemented, but, after 8 months, the issues remain. This is still not an enjoyable work environment, job responsibilities are not interesting/challenging and a lot of negativity towards the leadership still exists.

Second, on a personal level, I am ready to have more freedom, enjoy life, relationships, travel,play golf and not be tied to full time responsibilities.

If you would like me to help with the elections next year, I would be willing to work on a part time basis in the warehouse, processing vote-by-mail ballots, or delivering and picking up election equipment.

I want to thank you for the opportunity.

Roger A. Dixson

Comprehensive Training of Supervisors of Elections in Florida

Comprehensive Training of Supervisors of Elections in Florida

When it comes to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of elections, the role of county supervisors of elections in Florida is crucial. After being sworn into office, these officials undergo extensive training to ensure they are well-prepared for their responsibilities. Here’s a detailed look at the type of training they receive:

Orientation Program

Newly appointed supervisors begin with an orientation program that introduces them to the fundamentals of election administration. This program covers essential topics such as election laws, procedures, and the overall responsibilities of the office.

Certification Courses

A key component of their training involves completing certification courses provided by the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections (FSASE). These courses are designed to cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Election laws and regulations
  • Voter registration processes
  • Poll worker training
  • Election technology and systems

These certification courses ensure that supervisors have a solid foundation in all aspects of election management.

Continuing Education

Election laws and procedures are constantly evolving. To keep up with these changes, supervisors must participate in ongoing continuing education. This includes attending annual conferences, workshops, and training sessions organized by the FSASE and other relevant organizations. These events provide valuable updates and insights into the latest best practices and legislative changes.

On-the-Job Training

Practical experience is a critical part of the training process. Supervisors gain hands-on experience by overseeing elections, managing voter registration, and handling various administrative tasks. They often work closely with experienced staff to learn the intricacies of the job, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Legal and Compliance Training

Understanding and complying with state and federal election laws is paramount. Supervisors receive specialized training in legal compliance, which includes handling election disputes, ensuring the integrity of the election process, and adhering to all relevant regulations. This training helps supervisors navigate the complex legal landscape of election administration.


The combination of formal education, practical experience, and ongoing training equips Florida’s county supervisors of elections with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the electoral process effectively and fairly. Their comprehensive training ensures that they are well-prepared to uphold the integrity of elections and serve their communities with confidence. By investing in such rigorous training programs, Florida demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a transparent and reliable electoral system, ensuring that every vote counts and every election is conducted with the utmost integrity.