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Election Integrity

Join Tifani Long in her mission to ensure fair, transparent, and accessible elections for all citizens of Citrus County.

Election Integrity


Ensuring Clarity and Security

Tifani is committed to making clarity and election integrity top priorities. Citrus County voters deserve a clear, fair, and transparent voting process that is both comprehensible and verifiable.

Addressing Concerns About Vote-by-Mail Security

When discussing election integrity with voters, it is clear there is significant confusion about the security of vote-by-mail ballots. It’s crucial to provide detailed information on how these ballots are secured to build confidence in the voting process.

Understanding Tabulation Machines and E-Poll Books

Knowledge about how tabulation machines and e-poll books work is lacking, which in turn can decrease trust in the electoral process. It’s not enough to simply state that the equipment is secure; voters deserve a comprehensive explanation of the security measures in place.

Emulating Best Practices

Many Florida counties offer clear, concise information on their websites without compromising security, demonstrating respect and trust in their citizens. Tifani aims to emulate these best practices in Citrus County.

Combating Disinformation

Disinformation often stems from a lack of accessible data and clear answers. By providing straightforward, accurate information, we can counter misleading narratives and ensure voters are well-informed.

Ensuring Controlled Access to Election Equipment

A clear chain of command for access to election machines is essential. These machines must be secured when not in use, limiting access to authorized personnel only.

Trustworthy Information Sources

Voters need assurance that the information they receive is from a trusted source. As Supervisor of Elections, Tifani will implement two-factor authentication and ensure our social media accounts have verified badges, enhancing the credibility of our communications.

Commitment to Voter Education and Security

Citrus County voters deserve to know how their votes are protected and the measures in place to ensure election integrity. Tifani is commited to providing this information transparently and effectively, fostering trust and confidence in our electoral process.