Election Integrity

As Supervisor of Elections, I will make clarity and election integrity top priorities. Citrus County voters deserve a clear and fair voting process. A successful election requires transparency, but it must also be comprehensible and verifiable.

When discussing election integrity with voters, I discovered there is still substantial confusion concerning the security of vote-by-mail ballots.

Additionally, a widespread lack of knowledge on how the tabulation machines and poll books work decreases confidence in the voting process. It is not enough to say tabulation equipment is secure. Voters want to understand how it is secured, and they deserve this information.

Most counties in Florida provide concise, easy-to-understand information on their website without compromising security. This shows respect and trust in their citizens, and it is something I will emulate.

I believe any disinformation, inside and beyond the borders of this county, is borne of a lack of data and bolstered by the inability to find simple answers to questions.

In addition to technological aspects, there must be a clear chain of command on who has access to election machines when they are not in the Supervisor of Elections warehouse. We cannot allow free access to these machines.

Knowing that information is coming from a trusted source can’t be stressed enough. As Supervisor of Elections, I would ensure that all social media accounts employ two-factor authentication and show the “blue verification” badge on each platform. This would enable voters to know that they are reading an official, trusted source of information.

Citrus County voters deserve to understand how the Supervisor of Elections is keeping their votes secure and what protections are in place.


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